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Kick-Off Meeting for DDMoRe Foundation on 17th of January 16:30 (CET)

The DDMoRe Foundation will initiate 3 Community groups to facilitate community initiatives to support developement of:

- Languages: progress the standards (MDL, PharmML, SO and Prov-O)

- Model Repository: enhance the repository content and improve the suer experience

- Thoughtflow: take the proof of concept ot the next level

You are very welcome to participate to this Kick-Off Meeting !

January 11, 2017

Welcome on Board Erno !

We are very pleased to announce that Erno van Schaick is now a member of the Calvagone Team.

December 5, 2016

Clinical Trial Simulation Training at Lyon University

In collaboration with Exprimo (Ruben Faelens), a 2-hour session in Clinical Trial Simulation was organized at Lyon University as part of the Master's program curated by Emilie.

The 10 students managed to explore the PK model for Sunitinib. Four students struck gold at the end, managing to create an efficient design that proved biosimilarity.

November 24, 2016

Poster presentation of nlmixr R package at WCoP 2016

nlmxr is an open-source R package for population PK/PD modelling developped by Wenping Wang and Yuan Xiong, in collaboration with Occams (Rik Schoemaker and Justin Wilkins).

Christian, at that time as an Exprimo member, has built a bunch of simulated datasets from a large panel of PK and PK/PD models and some of them were used to challenge nlmxr.

October 20, 2016